Body Gratitude Practice Prompts

The idea of “you have to love your body” seems very trendy now, but I know that just seeing this phrase can make you cringe. Many of my clients in the beginning of our work together tell me they hate the way they look and feel disgusted with themselves after a binge.

When you have strong negative thoughts and feeling towards your body, the idea of loving it seems impossible. At least, not until you lose that “extra” weight, as you may assume.

When I work with a client with a strong negative body image, I won’t advise her to suddenly start loving her body, as it’s unrealistic to expect someone to jump from one end of the body image continuum to the opposite one.

What is more realistic and feasible to work on is learning to respect and acknowledge your body. It may also be challenging, considering how fat-phobic and thinness-obsessed the society we live in is, and especially if you have internalized all the harmful diet culture messages that your body is “wrong” and has to be fixed.

One of the ways to work on healing your body image is starting a gratitude practice. Learning to appreciate all the wonders your body performs for you on a daily basis (which we usually take for granted and only notice and recognize when we lose these abilities, either temporarily or not), helps shift your perspective on you body and heal your relationship with it.

If you would like to start a body gratitude practice – grab this FREE resource:

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