Looking for ways to:

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  • End chronic dieting and preoccupation with food?
  • Build peaceful relationship with food?
  • Enjoy your favourite foods without feeling bad?
  • Feel comfortable in your current body?

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Working with me can help you:

  • Break free from diets and food rules.
  • Build a healthy relationship with food.
  • Learn to eat mindfully.
  • Make peace with your body, respecting and responding to its needs.

As a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, trained and certified by the Original Intuitive Eating Pros, I specialize in helping my clients to recover from chronic dieting, disordered eating and weight cycling, while supporting them in their journey of re-connecting with their body needs and building healthy relationship with food.

What my services are NOT focusing on:

  • Prescribing diet plans or weight loss
  • Judging client’s weight or food choices
  • Weighing clients

Intuitive Eating Programs are available in the following formats: