From Restricting & Bingeing to Food Peace & Freedom

A 3 months signature program delivered by a Registered Dietitian that includes:

  • 6 online consultations with a dietitian – 45 min each ($570 value)
  • weekly support through a secure online platform to answer questions, problem-solve, provide tips and motivational boosts ($180 value)
  • Tailored workbook exercises (over $100 value)
  • Variety of resources, such as weekly meal planning ideas, templates and recipes, mindfulness meditations, guided visualizations, body image affirmations and more (invaluable!)

This program can help you:

  • Break free from restricting-bingeing cycle
  • End chronic dieting and preoccupation with food and weight
  • Address food cravings
  • Make peace with food
  • Transition from feeling out of control around food to eating with confidence
  • Enjoy your favourite meals without guilt
  • Learn to eat mindfully
  • Expand emotional regulation toolbox
  • Feel comfortable in you body and respect its needs

What to expect from counselling sessions:

  • Compassionate, non-judgmental and client-centered focus
  • Diet history and current eating behaviours analysis
  • Setting individualized goals for improving client relationship with food
  • Creating a realistic plan based on client’s goals, needs, and preferences
  • Customizing practical assignments to support client in her/his journey
  • Recognizing current or potential barriers and finding possible solutions to overcome them
  • Regularly reviewing client goals and adjusting course of actions based on her/his needs

The program is offered for  $850 $95 x 6 bi-weekly payments

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