Intuitive Eating Virtual Group Sessions

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Intuitive Eating groups are running several times a year will be running virtually this year due to COVID19.

Each group block includes 6 weekly sessions, where we will be learning principles of intuitive eating and how they can help to:

  • Break free from the Restricting-Overeating Cycle
  • Transition from dieting to self-care mindset
  • Restore peace with food
  • Normalize eating behaviours
  • Discover how to trust yourself with food
  • Learn to let go of guilt and enjoy your favourite meals
  • Build strategies to address emotional/binge eating
  • Cultivate self confidence and improve body image
  • Find ways to move your body that feel good and comfortable
  • Create satisfying meals with balance and variety
  • And more…

Benefits of joining a group:

  • Communication with peers and a facilitating dietitian, in an empathetic, judgement-free small group (4-8 participants) environment
  • A safe place to be heard and understood
  • Peer support and encouragement
  • Group dynamics can enhance your individual progress and adjustment to changes you are working on
  • Socializing and making new connections and friendships with like-minded people

Group fee: $240 CAD – $40 /session

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