Hi, I am Yulia, nice to meet you!

A little about me:

I have been practicing dietetics since 2005, working in various settings and helping clients with a variety of nutrition and health conditions. Over 10 years ago, I was first introduced to a concept of intuitive eating and weight inclusive approach to food and eating, and have fully embraced this philosophy (more on my intuitive eating story here).

I am skilled in implementing various strategies, practicies, and techniques from numerous modalities, including intuitive eating, mindfulness, solution-focused coaching, cognitive behavioural coaching, exposure nutrition therapy, motivational interviweing, and others.

Using an eclectic approach and a unique skill set, I help client assess their current relationship to food, formulate goals, recognize factors that have formed and impacted their eating habits and body image, and find ways to optimize them.

I am passionate about cooking (on my own and with my children) and enjoying meals with family and friends. I also love yoga, hiking, skating, reading, and crafting.

If you want to know how working with me can help you reach your nutrition goals – let’s chat!