Self-Assessment Quiz

Want to know how working with me can be beneficial for improving your relationship with food? Take this short quiz to find out!

Have you been:

  1. Going on-and-off diets with mixed results?
  2. Struggling with weight cycling as a result of yo-yo dieting?
  3. Feeling out of control around certain foods?
  4. Feeling deprived from self-imposed food restrictions?
  5. Often reaching uncomfortable level of fullness?
  6. Turning to food for comfort as a main way to soothe yourself?
  7. Experiencing binge eating episodes (when you feel you just can’t stop eating)?
  8. Suspecting you might have food/sugar addiction?
  9. Finding it challenging to enjoy meals with your family / cooking separately for yourself?
  10. Struggling with negative body image / hating the way your body looks?

If you answered “YES” for one or more questions – I can help you with:

  • normalizing your relationship with food
  • transitioning from diet mindset to self-care based approach
  • regaining trust in your body wisdom and food intake regulation
  • addressing food cravings and binge eating
  • expanding your toolbox for restoring emotional balance
  • adopting sustainable eating habits
  • finding ways to move your body that feel good
  • improving your body image
  • and cultivating self-acceptance and self-confidence.

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