Online Course

From Food Fear to Food Freedom

10 Modules self-paced online course

This course can help you:

  • Transition from dieting to self-care mindset
  • Restore peace with food
  • Normalize eating behaviours
  • Discover how to trust yourself with food
  • Learn to let go of guilt and enjoy your favourite meals
  • Build strategies to address emotional/binge eating
  • Cultivate self confidence and improve body image
  • Find ways to move your body that feel good and comfortable
  • Create satisfying meals with balance and variety
  • And more…

Course Modules include:

  1. Unlearning Dieting Rules
  2. Meeting your needs
  3. Trusting Your Hunger Cues
  4. Recognizing Satiety
  5. From Food Fear to Food Freedom
  6. Emotional Regulation
  7. Coping with Binges
  8. Joyful Movement
  9. Developing Self-Acceptance
  10. Navigating the Thinness-Obsessed World

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