Feel Your Fullness

Do you feel compelled to measure and/or weight your food before it’s allowed to land on your plate?

Does it feel like things would go “wild” if you let go of meticulously studying nutrition facts and counting calories and macros?

These dieting tools, along with many others, like food tracking apps, scales, weight loss pills and shakes have been imposed by the diet industry, which forces us to believe our bodies can’t be trusted.

When you transition from dieting mindset to a self-care based approach of intuitive eating, you will discover that learning to feed yourself with confidence doesn’t require weighing your food or counting your grapes or olives. 

When you regain trust in your body’s amazing ability to signal you when it had enough, there is no need to “control you portions”. You will feel free from preoccupation with calculating, “watching what you eat” or using gimmicks to trick your body to suppress hunger or fake fullness.

After years of dieting, learning to reconnect with your body and relearning to recognize a comfortable level of fullness may take time and practice, with many hits and misses, before you can recognize that sweet spot of pleasant fullness AND are able to actually finish your meal at this point, more often, than not.

It may take many eating experiences and each can teach you something about yourself and your connection with your body, as you gradually regain trust in its inherent ability to regulate food intake.

And most importantly, it requires making a commitment to yourself that you will not go on another diet or deprive your body from certain foods it craves. Knowing that these foods would be available for you tomorrow (and any other time you need then and can access them), is a prerequisite for learning to respect your fullness and become an intuitive eater.