Principle #3: Make Peace with Food

  • Do you treat certain foods as your enemy?
  • Do you have foods you feel “out of control” with or “unsafe” to be around?
  • Do you allow yourself certain foods only if you “compensate” eating them by skipping the next meal or over-exercising? 

Providing yourself with an unconditional permission to eat is a necessary step in the intuitive eating journey. Shifting from a mindset of self-control around food towards making food choices from a place of self-care – may take time, practice and internal work with yourself, that includes re-visiting your beliefs about food, body trust and the impact of restrictive eating on your relationship with food.

It may feel scary to make peace with foods you love, but “can’t stop” once you start eating them. When working with clients, I help them to gently and gradually incorporate triggering foods into their menus, supporting them in learning to trust themselves again with foods they enjoy eating.

Using a systematic approach in bringing the triggering foods back by gradual exposure and with adequate level of support and guidance, will help moving from fearing foods towards food freedom.