Do you let numbers determine your worth?

Not sure if it was a coincidence, but the last scale I have ever owned broke about 7 years ago – just around the time I started to immerse myself in exploring the intuitive eating weight neutral philosophy. It happened soon after I gave birth to my younger child, so I did not have to closely monitor my pregnancy weight any more. 

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And I am so glad I never got a replacement for the broken one, realizing how damaging the frequent weighing myself had been for me. I did not want my mood for the day to be determined by a meaningless number displayed on a scale, every time I would step on it. Even though I have never had a habit of weighing myself daily, this procedure would still be pretty powerful in lowering my self esteem and provoking worry and anxiety.

Recognizing the fact, that your worth as a human being could not be measured in pounds, centimetres or pants size is truly empowering and liberating. 

If you have got into a habit of weighing yourself daily (or numerous times a day) and are not ready to get rid of the scale yet, consider starting from weighing yourself less often and eventually moving from this ritual altogether. It can make a huge difference in a way you perceive and treat yourself.

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