Principle #10: Honour Your Health – Gentle Nutrition

Last but not least Intuitive Eating principle focuses on gentle nutrition. What does it mean?

I see it as a way of eating which is not only balanced, includes a variety of foods and adequate energy and nutrients for proper function of our body systems, but also flexible, not rigid and a sustainable way of eating and relating to food.

It’s a way of including in your diet food for your body and food for your soul – those foods that might not have the highest nutritional value or density, but allow you to enjoy, celebrate, share a meal with a friend, observe a family tradition and make your life experience richer.

It’s a way to consider not only what may satisfy your hunger at the moment, but also how this food may make you feel afterwards. It’s a way of making food choices from a place of self-care, rather than self-control, to achieve optimal health and well-being.

That’s how I actually see Healthy Eating, but being aware of the fact that this term can mean different things for people, as it was co-opted and presented by diet/wellness culture as another way to moralize food intake, I find that Gentle Nutrition is a better term to embraces the Intuitive Eating philosophy.

What does Healthy Eating mean to you?

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