Mindful eating

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It’s hard to stay present in the moment, when you are constantly being reminded you have to deliver, try harder, and you are not doing or being enough.

Breakfast on-the-go (or not at all), lunch in front of a computer screen, dinner while watching TV. Finishing a pack of your favourite snack, without even noticing becomes, an inevitable reality of living in the multitasking mode.

These unrealistic societal expectations make us further disconnected from our body needs, exacerbating the damage on our relationship with food, induced by the diet culture.

Restoring the lost connection and becoming attentive to our bodies again, involves becoming more mindful. Practicing mindfulness with eating means rethinking our priorities and redirecting our attention towards what’s happening in the moment. It may include:

  • Noticing your hunger and choosing to eat, rather than ignoring it, trying to distract yourself from it or shutting it down with coffee or another glass of water
  • Choosing foods that will satisfy your hunger . .
  • Allocating sufficient time to eat, without distractions .
  • Having a pleasant eating environment- eating at the dining table, rather than at your computer desk .
  • Savouring your food, noticing its aroma, flavour, texture and taste
  • Recognizing your fullness

Practicing eating mindfully is one of the aspects I work with my clients on, to help them recover from chronic dieting and heal their relationship with food.

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