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5 ways to distance yourself from diet culture

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Diet culture can be so pervasive, that even when you are ready to disengage from it, it can find you almost anywhere you go, triggering your ambivalence and pushing your vulnerability buttons.

Here are some steps you can take to help yourself staying away from the diet culture toxicity:

1️⃣ Unfollow weight-focused social media accounts, that glorify thinness, promote weight loss or encourage to alter body shape or size in any way.

2️⃣ Ditch the scale. Waving the scale goodbye can bring the liberation from linking your moods and hopes for a day (and life in general) with the number shown on display. 

3️⃣ Get rid of clothes that don’t fit. It can be very upsetting and frustrating to open your closet door every morning and not being able to find clothes that fit. Contrary to a widespread belief, keeping outfits in a smaller size than your current body is at, is not a good motivator for self care, but a big trigger for self hatred.

4️⃣ Avoid partaking in diet talks. Our society is so immersed in diet mentality, that we don’t even notice the constant diet talk we are having with ourselves and each other. Avoiding complimenting someone for a recent weight loss or complaining about how fattening the food you are eating is – are some examples of refusing to engage in body shaming / food obsessive talks.

5️⃣ Find like-minded people. Surround yourself with weight-inclusive body-positive folks, building a community you can count on, when the diet culture tries to sneak into your life.

2 thoughts on “5 ways to distance yourself from diet culture”

  1. Hey, I’m thinking аbоut lооsing sоme роunds. I dо nоt knоw whаt kind оf рrоgrаm I shоuld use. Whаt dо yоu think аbоut red teа рrоgrаm?


    1. Thank you for your question!

      Regarding detox/cleansing programs (as, I am guessing, the one you are asking about), there is no scientific evidence that these programs benefit the body in the ways they claim to, while they might pose a significant risk to one’s digestive and overall health. Our bodies are equipped with the perfect cleansing mechanism, including kidneys, lungs, liver and intestines, and if they function properly, they take care of body detoxification.

      While a desire to lose weight is very understandable, considering how weight-focused our society is, there is currently no sustainable way for a long-term weight loss. Most of the diets promoted by the weight loss market may result in losing some weight for a short period of time, which is usually regained after you stop following the diet.

      As side effects, diets mess up dieter’s metabolism, making the body more efficient in preserving energy and requiring less caloric intake to maintain the same weight you used to have before going on a diet.

      Diets may also lead to disordered eating, coming from feeling of deprivation from the food restriction. All that usually leads to a higher weight, than the dieter initially was at. And weight cycling (frequent ups and downs) can actually be more dangerous to our health, than a stable weight, even if it’s considered being over the normal range.

      If you would like to learn on how to normalize your eating habits, without the need to go on a diet, feel free to message me.

      Hope it helps!


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