Principle #1: Reject the Diet Mentality

Acknowledging that diets don’t work is the first step in shifting from dieting to intuitive eating. Reflecting on your dieting history can help to recognize that even if some of your past diet experiences had resulted in weight loss, chances are it was temporary, inevitably leading to a weight gain afterwards and bringing you to… Continue reading Principle #1: Reject the Diet Mentality


Intuitive Eating during the pandemic

Going through challenging times can be mentally exhausting and emotionally draining. Staying sane and capable of taking care of yourself and your loved ones requires preserving your emotional resources and your strengths to what really matters - what helps you survive through crisis and thrive afterwards. If you find yourself dealing with stress eating under… Continue reading Intuitive Eating during the pandemic


Our new reality

"Grant me the serenityto accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference." Reinhold Niebuhr The Serenity Prayer has been pretty helpful for me in building resilience and getting through difficult times. And it’s one of the things that has been keeping my spirits up now, when… Continue reading Our new reality


My intuitive eating journey

Like for many other fellow dietitians, my career choice was largely impacted by an increased interest in nutrition due to personal struggles around food and eating habits. My relationship with food was pretty good until the teenage years, when, like most teenagers, I became hyper-conscious about my appearance and whether it fits into the diet… Continue reading My intuitive eating journey


3 gifts to give yourself in the new year

Holiday rash is picking this time around, when we are trying to meet the deadlines and accomplish as much as possible while getting ready for the holidays. In the midst of all this chaos of running around, finding perfect gifts for everyone and planning perfect parties, it’s quite easy to forget about the most important… Continue reading 3 gifts to give yourself in the new year


Mindful eating

Productivity, deliverables, results, multitasking, efficiency, achievements, faster, better, more.... Photo by Daria Shevtsova on It’s hard to stay present in the moment, when you are constantly being reminded you have to deliver, try harder, and you are not doing or being enough. Breakfast on-the-go (or not at all), lunch in front of a computer… Continue reading Mindful eating


Do you let numbers determine your worth?

Not sure if it was a coincidence, but the last scale I have ever owned broke about 7 years ago - just around the time I started to immerse myself in exploring the intuitive eating weight neutral philosophy. It happened soon after I gave birth to my younger child, so I did not have to… Continue reading Do you let numbers determine your worth?

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What is Intuitive Eating?

We are born with a unique ability to regulate our hunger and fullness states. As babies, we were able to recognize our basic body need to be fed and communicate it to our environment, knowing that this need will be respected and attended to. Later in life, however, there are many factors that may interfere… Continue reading What is Intuitive Eating?